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Is it possible to change the font the groupbox uses not that i dont like the original but for somereason cabbage defaults it to a custom font called vermin vibes i installed on my pc and its just to small to read so a fix or a solution would be a life saver?

Cabbage will try to use the default sans serif system font. If it’s not found it will use the next available one, which I guess in your case is something called vermin vibes? Maybe you can update your system fonts? Does the label have the same problem? Or course, if you want to avoid the chance of this happening, you can also use an image.

well may i suggest a feature to change the font for more customisation

It’s been suggested before, and it’s a nice idea. I’m just finding it hard to get the time to implement it :frowning:

goodluck cabbage is already an amazing program

Also on my wish list :wink: but not really something that you should prioritize. What I have noticed though, was when I exported my background GUI from Adobe XD as .svg, Cabbage changed the font types, so I’ve been sticking to .png. With resizing, it might look slightly blurry, but not really that noticable, and I don’t think a user would really care about a slight blur compared to the positives of resizing.

If you convert your text to curves before/upon exporting to SVG, then you can keep both your lettershapes and your vector-based scalability.

Thanks, I will look into this

Yeah, @HuBandiT is right. You can convert your text into paths. Remember SVGs are just text files that save the name of the font. Anyhow, I did some work on this last night and we should have something soon. Only problem is that when you try a new custom font right now it changes ALL typeface across the entire Cabbage application :see_no_evil:

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That was exactly it, conversion to paths. But I have a odd problem with the exported.svg. Sending it on pm