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Fourth and fifth Csound-Cabbage Course: Instituto Orson Welles Lima-Peru

Hello Csounders.
It is my pleasure to introduce you to these new farmers for the cabbage field (Orson Welles Institute - headquarters).
I hope you enjoy their finely crafted products with a lot of patience and dedication.
Here they are: (54.1 KB)

Additve synthesizer (adsynt2): Junior Fernandez, Alvaro Lopez, Carlos Montero, Antoni Mendoza, Luis Piscoya,
Simple FM (foscili): Domingo Fiestas, Frank Grillo, Jair Santisteban, Felipe Guevara, José Vicente
Wavetable (oscili, gentables): Gustavo Florencio, Luis Flores, Carlos Robles, Mario Vargas, Kerin Aranzamendi, Jonathan Salazar,

Any comments or advice will be appreciated.

Once again I want to thank Rory, Iain and Rajmil Fischman for the videos they once sent me so gently and that have been motivating for the students.

Our next course starts in March and I look forward to opening this new challenge.

Julio Benavides

P.S. Some screenshots:

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I am … impressed

Additive synth is pretty powerful although the way to control partials is a bit ackward. I think the traditional approach of the bar graph like the one in the Cabbage example folder is more suitable.

It has been a while, but I’m glad to see so much work done in the time you’ve been away! I’ll go over these examples when I get a chance. Great stuff!

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Yep, There are Simpe-FM and wavetable too.

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