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Funky Shapes

xypad seems to include odd shapes using the latest build on Mac and Windows:

Are you saying you don’t like them??! :rofl: Not sure what causes that, but I’ll take a look when I get a chance. It’s strange because @hdale94 has been doing a lot of work with ypad’s recently, and I’m pretty sure this wasn’t happening to him. Anyhow, leave it with me.


Turns out those funky shapes were supersized fonts. Fixed now, although dare I say it, I think I spotted an issue with the ball positions. It’s kind of obvious in the first xypad on the top left, the ball is all over the shop. We can’t have that. Your Sonic Laval lamp instrument is part of the the family now :rofl:

There seem to be problems created when the y-range is not zero to 1. If xypad is part of the family, it’s always been a slightly dysfunctional teenager :grin:

This is very true :rofl:

It’s resolved now, and xypad promises to be on its best behaviour from hereon in.