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GenTables not updating

Hi Rory,
I am basically done with my Plugin. I finished it in Cabbage 2.6.11 because I already noticed this problem when I updated to the official 2.8.0 release.
So far everything else seems good, but the graphics of my parametric EQ doesn’t show up anymore. It’s build with a bunch of GenTables stacked upon each other. I tried it again with 2.8.65 (2.8.74 didn’t open after installation). I realised by accident that the updated graphic is shown when I close the window and open it again. I tried updating at i and k rate. The video shows what happens.

Here’s the script for that (a tiny bit large though :grimacing:
EQ Curve13.csd (15.2 KB)
Is there anything that has changed recently, that you suspect could causing this?

Is there any way you can produce a simple example that illustrates the problem? Otherwise this might take me a while to sort out…

I think I have spotted the problem. But I won’t get a chance to fix it till later, or more likely tomorrow. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s sorted.

Thanks, for looking into it! Let me know if you need anything!

For now, the quick fix is to do this:

cabbageSet "table", "tableNumber", 1010

If I do this, I have to hide some images to get it to work, but I think that’s simply because I’m missing some assets?

Thank you so much for sitting with this!
Interesting that it makes a difference over

cabbageSet “table”, “tableNumber(1010)”

So then I changed the code for the individual bands to

cabbageSet SIdent, “tableNumber”,iB + 1000

and that works.
I don’t have to hide anything for it though. I would like to know what you have to hide to make it work as I’m planing to distribute. This .csd is a fully working stand alone version for the GUI of the parametric EQ part of my plugin, nothing missing there.

I probably should change all my cabbageSet lines in this manner, if it works better. I’ve translated those from the old chnset syntax.

If you send me the complete .csd file along with the assets I can test. But I was missing some images?

I see it. There’s one that should be missing. Created it with Cabbage but than “sampled” it to reduce my code:

image bounds(75,30,330,180) file(“GUI_Rescources/EqBackground.png”)

Coming in a second…

But it’s just a “shade” for a nice look. You can also just delete it.

Yeah I would probably use an image for the lines rather than a widgetArray, I think it would be more efficient, and lead to less code, which I think is generally a good thing :thinking:

[edit] It’s working nicely here :+1:

I eventually did just sample the background without the shade for the plugin.

Awesome, it actually works much faster now!!! All the graphics.
What ever you changed since 2.6. Woow, well done!

A lot has changed since 2.6 :laughing: The introduction of guiMode("queue") has really helped to speed things up.

That was already in 2.6. but you clearly advanced with it. I can drag an EQ band now while a soundfiler is scrolling through playback of a sample and everything is super smooth.

That’s incredible!!! And I’m getting really excited about my plugin this way. I wonder if it also loads faster now…

Loading time is basically eliminated. Wow!

I have a lot of filmstrips. One of them is quite large and is only for a nice look. I had to juggle a lot with resolution and “frame rate” to make the loading time acceptable. It just pops up now.
I can rethink some stuff there.

Rah, Rah, Rory!

Oh yeah, that dramatically improved too! I worked with @Kzz on that one. He was sending more some incredibly complex instruments to test with. In the end I think we reduced the load time by more than a 2/3rds.

My Plugin loads rather 3 times as fast!

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