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Globally rename variables in Cabbage scripts

Morning all,

Just a quick question, is there any way to globally rename a variable across all instances in a Cabbage script? Not sure if this is a feature or not- If not, is there a specific reason? Would it be tricky to implement? I ask since this feature has been very useful in Visual Studio when refactoring code - In Visual Studio, the process is:

Right click instance of variable > select ‘Rename’ in dropdown > Rename variable > Enter key > All instances renamed


I use VS Code for this. Open the .csd file in VS Code, select the text, right-click and “Change All Occurrences”.


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That certainly works, thanks! Hopefully this is something that could be implemented in future versions of Cabbage

Already there. Edit->Replace :slight_smile: but i will concede that I usually do these kind of operations with VS Code too…

Great! Thanks for the info - What are the specific advantages of using VS Code for this task?

It’s a far better code editor than the one that ship with Cabbage :slight_smile:

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