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Greetings to all

Hi everyone, new member that just discovered Cabbage,
looks very interesting.

First off, hope I’m posting in the right section, apologies if not.

I would like to ask two questions if I may:

  1. For someone to run a VST produced in Cabbage, do they need an installation of Csound?

  2. In Windows, can Cabbage create 32 bit and 64 bit VST2 ?

Thank you.

Hi @Paul2, welcome to the forum. You’re in the right place :+1:

Yes, but you have some options. One MacOS you can embed Csound into your plugin and then relink the binaries. Then users don’t need Csound installed. On Windows you can just install Csound alongside your plugin if it is not already there.

Not unless you build Csound and Cabbage yourself with 32bit support. @richardk did this recently, and posted the binaries here. So it can be done, if you really need it.

Hi @rorywalsh and thank you for the prompt reply.

OK, got it as regards the Csound and bitness of VSTs.

Will I be angering the vegetable gods if I install both the 64 bit (latest version) of Cabbage
along with @richardk 's 32 bit version on the same machine?

Hmm, that’s a good question, and the vegetable Gods are a fickle old bunch!

I think if you set up your env paths to point to the correct versions it might work. Maybe @richardk can advise?

Thanks, will wait a bit (yes, pun intended :wink: ) before installing anything.
Perhaps Richard will post some details/hints.
In the meantime, busy watching your tuts on YT.

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I think as long as sufficient offerings are made to the vegetable gods then they will permit such behaviour - I’m not strictly sure about Cabbage, but I have a Windows machine running 32bit and 64bit Csound, and the 32 bit Cabbage build that Rory mentioned.

Yes - I set the environment variables OPCODE6DIR to where the 32bit DLLs are, and OPCODE6DIR64 to where the 64bit DLLS are, and that seems to work OK. I would think in principle having both 32/64 bit versions of Cabbage would work similarly fine.


Many thanks for the info, will certainly give it a try.
Will report back, as it may help others that may also need 32 and 64 bit plugins.