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32-bit builds for Windows (XP compatible)

I have produced a 32-bit built of Cabbage 2.7 (taken from the Github repository on 18th June) alongside 32-bit builds of Csound.

These have specifically been tweaked/compiled to target Windows XP and tested on XP & XP64 but should work OK on newer Windows versions (only tested cursorily)
Hopefully I will also keep up with the Cabbage release schedule to some extent (just noticed that 2.8.0 is out now…) and update my site accordingly:

The Cabbage binaries have been tested alongside the 32-bit Csound builds on the same page. I.e. you would need both

Hopefully may be of use to someone.

Thanks for posting these. It’s nice to know the option of a 32bit build is still there!

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Updated binary here which removes the JUCE app usage reporting identified by @Paul2 in this thread.