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Guimode and convolution

First, I just want to say how awesome cabbage is and that without cabbage I would likely have never gotten into cSound at all. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

Second, I have questions… mainly about the guimodes polling vs queue. According to the docs, polling is deprecated and slider control should be using the cabbageset and cabbageget opcodes for efficiency which totally makes sense. Since I am just learning how to use cabbage (and Csound) I am relying heavily on the example files that come with cabbage to see how things work. I’ve been recording a bunch of impulse responses in hopes of experimenting with the convolution capabilities of csound and cabbage. The convolution reverb example uses polling and I looks like the reason might be related to soundfiler requiring more than one variable to be passed in order to update the ir table(s). In this case it would rely on identChannel to convey these other variables. Is that correct? Is there a version of this example that would work in queue mode with cabbageget and cabbageset? I hope my question makes sense. Thanks for reading!

Glad to hear you are enjoying learning Csound through Cabbage, The convolution reverb example was written before guiMode("queue") was introduced and this is the reason it uses polling. I am sure it can be converted to “queue”. I am gradually converting all of my examples to “queue” but it can be a slow process, particularly if they used a lot of chnset. I will try and convert this example to “queue” and post it here later today.

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Hi Iain,
Thanks so much for your response! I can try to update it in queue mode and fork the example if I can get it to work. It will be good for learning.

By all means, hack away at this example as this is partly what they’re for. You’re right, this is a great way to develop your skills. I’ll probably create a new version myself as it is due an update and some new features.