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Half time recreation

The other day I asked Rory about messing around with live buffers, and he provided me with a very useful example. I took that example and hacked it into a half time clone!

So basically what it does is it reads audio into a buffer, then from that buffer it gets played back at half speed. This means that half the audio gets played back at half speed, so by the time it reaches the half way point of the buffer the buffer resets and the rest of the audio is lost since half the audio at half speed would be equal to the full buffer!

Hopefully that makes sense. Anyways here it is, I also added a control that slews the pitch. If you want different divisions you can mess around with ksamplength.

half speed.csd (3.1 KB)

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Thanks for sharing. :+1:

Thanks for this. As it happens, I was looking for the same effect. Just before I read your post, I got mine working. Yours work wonderfully. I just thought I’d share mine too. I use partikkel to play back the down-pitched segments, which allows for some more exotic/strange applications. (4.2 KB)

It seems a few if us have the same aspiration. I suppose it’s really the desire to build a (sonic) time machine. Here’s my own version. What I wanted to add was the ability to accelerate smoothly back through the buffer into realtime, all the way from time standing still (freeze).TimeSlip.csd (8.4 KB)

Thank you guys very much, these are so cool!

So much fun to go from freeze and smoothly into the real time audio, awesome idea!

Nice one!