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Hi need help getting images to show on au and vst export

Hello, I am currently working on developing a harmonic tremolo plugin and could use some assistance. I am relatively new to this and am learning as I go, relying on chat GPT for most of my coding.
Hi there, I have a tremolo that sounds great and works well. However, I need assistance with the GUI. I have successfully implemented it in Cabbage and it looks fantastic. But I am unsure how to properly address the images so they can show up in AU. I am currently working on the AU version and will be uploading my code and images in this post. Thank you for your help. I am having an issue with GPT trying to use “bundle” as a code instruction and “imagebundle” as well. Neither of these instructions show up with the correct color, which is problematic. The purpose of these instructions is to address the images that would be placed in the resource folder of the .component file. It seems like the way to do it, but unfortunately, GPT doesn’t seem to have the right code instruction to make it work properly. here the code and files any help explaining this is welcome i’'m also wanting to do vst and vst 3 for both windows and mac so any help welcome to sort it. it will be a free plugin I’m making it as there seems to be a lack of free tremolo plugins that do harmonic trem

harmony trem.csd (2.0 KB) knob

Hi @Dan_Marshall, welcome to the forum. I’m honestly surprised that you managed to get so far with ChatGPT :laughing: It is right in that the bundle identifier can be used to automatically bundle the image resources. Have you read the docs, it’s described here. You can basically add the following to the line you declare your form on:

bundle("backgound.png", "logo.png", "...etc")

You can also simply add the images to the .component by opening the .component file and placing the images into the same folder as the .csd file.

"That’s fantastic. Thank you so much. We were having some difficulties earlier. We plan to continue working on this and will be developing a stereo-panning version. I also hope to add tempo syncing and possibly create a bias-type trem. I will work on each model separately and eventually combine them into one plugin. Hopefully, I’m getting the bug now keep notifications on if your happy to give the odd bit of support I’ll post anymore queries on this page. the GUI is all from various ai too. quick question how do I change the developer from cabbage audio in my audio unit

I’m afraid you can’t, unless you pay for a pro license, in which case you will get a custom build that replaces all mention of CabbageAudio with your company name.

Always happy to help :slight_smile:

Hello there, I am looking for examples of audio code for cabbage that includes host tempo sync. Specifically, I am interested in finding code that includes a combo box for the divisions of the tempo. I have been trying to get GPT to write a working code for me but it seems to not understand how a division of 1/4 should be four times the speed of the host BPM and not a quarter of the speed. I have been struggling for hours to explain this to GPT.

Additionally, I am wondering how to visually and functionally link two sliders together. I want to have a button that links two depth knobs for the stereo version of the harmony tremolo. Thank you for your help!

Check the hostinfo example in the misc directory. It’s accessible from the file menu.

this is what iv;e got it working but having audio issues heres the working mon version too can you help i’m at a loss as to what to do with the audio issues

Best would be if you can post a basic code example that illustrates the problem, along with some questions specific to the issue. :+1: