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Higher Order Ambisonic Granulators

I thought I would share these higher order ambisonic granulators a have built. They still need some work in terms of some flexibility and visual aesthetics, but they work and sound pretty decent. Also included is a hacked version CSounds Ambisonics UDOs with a new inclusion of ambi_enc_dista which is the same as ambi_enc_dist but outputs an audio array instead of using the zak system. I hope this will encourage others to build some neat ambisonic tool both for VST’s and for use in unity!

These are meant to be used in a daw with an encoder as they output b-format audio streams.

Also, when making a vst, you will need to copy in the included udos. I tried using the bundle function, but it did not seem to work. (17.8 KB)

Nice one, thanks for sharing. One of my students is working on ambisonics at the moment. I’ll be sure to pass this on.