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Host won't find AU export

I seem to be having problems with exporting to AU. The two DAWs that I’ve tested with won’t discover the plugin when scanning. Does anyone have any tips?

Are your AUs in the correct folders to be found? If so, run “auval -a” from the command line and note the output from the Cabbage plugin. Paste the results here…

I wouldn’t worry about that, what does it say at the top? Can you post the output?


auval -a &> test.txt

That last one didn’t have the entire output…

test.txt (2.9 KB)

JUCE v5.4.7
n'Input #1
58, 110, 182
58, 110, 182
58, 110, 182
58, 110, 182
58, 110, 182
58, 110, 182
0dBFS level = 32768.0
--Csound version 6.15 (double samples) Nov 20 2020
[commit: 18c2c7897425f462b9a7743cee157cb410c88198]
initAllCsoundChannels (ValueTree cabbageData) ...
csound = 0x0x7f869e42a580
handle = 0x0x1003ec000
initAllCsoundChannels (ValueTree cabbageData) - done
*** Leaked objects detected: 1 instance(s) of class SharedObject
JUCE Assertion failure in juce_LeakedObjectDetector.h:90

    AU Validation Tool
    Version: 1.6.1a1 
    Copyright 2003-2013, Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    Specify -h (-help) for command options

aufx bpas appl  -  Apple: AUBandpass
aufx dcmp appl  -  Apple: AUDynamicsProcessor
aufx dely appl  -  Apple: AUDelay
aufx dist appl  -  Apple: AUDistortion
aufx filt appl  -  Apple: AUFilter
aufx greq appl  -  Apple: AUGraphicEQ
aufx hpas appl  -  Apple: AUHipass
aufx hshf appl  -  Apple: AUHighShelfFilter
aufx lmtr appl  -  Apple: AUPeakLimiter
aufx lpas appl  -  Apple: AULowpass
aufx lshf appl  -  Apple: AULowShelfFilter
aufx mcmp appl  -  Apple: AUMultibandCompressor
aufx mrev appl  -  Apple: AUMatrixReverb
aufx nbeq appl  -  Apple: AUNBandEQ
aufx nsnd appl  -  Apple: AUNetSend
aufx nutp appl  -  Apple: AUNewPitch
aufx pmeq appl  -  Apple: AUParametricEQ
aufx raac appl  -  Apple: AURoundTripAAC
aufx rogr appl  -  Apple: AURogerBeep
aufx rvb2 appl  -  Apple: AUReverb2
aufx sdly appl  -  Apple: AUSampleDelay
aufx tmpt appl  -  Apple: AUPitch
aumf Cab2 Cabb  -  CabbageAudio: Gain Test
aupn ambi appl  -  Apple: AUSoundFieldPanner
aupn hrtf appl  -  Apple: HRTFPanner
aupn sphr appl  -  Apple: AUSphericalHeadPanner
aupn vbas appl  -  Apple: AUVectorPanner
aumu dls  appl  -  Apple: DLSMusicDevice
aumu msyn appl  -  Apple: AUMIDISynth
aumu samp appl  -  Apple: AUSampler
aumx 3dem appl  -  Apple: AUSpatialMixer
aumx 3dmx appl  -  Apple: AUMixer3D
aumx mcmx appl  -  Apple: AUMultiChannelMixer
aumx mspl appl  -  Apple: AUMultiSplitter
aumx mxmx appl  -  Apple: AUMatrixMixer
aumx smxr appl  -  Apple: AUMixer
aufc conv appl  -  Apple: AUConverter
aufc defr appl  -  Apple: AUDeferredRenderer
aufc ipto appl  -  Apple: AUNotQuiteSoSimpleTime
aufc merg appl  -  Apple: AUMerger
aufc nutp appl  -  Apple: AUNewTimePitch
aufc splt appl  -  Apple: AUSplitter
aufc tmpt appl  -  Apple: AUTimePitch
aufc vari appl  -  Apple: AUVarispeed
auou ahal appl  -  Apple: AudioDeviceOutput
auou def  appl  -  Apple: DefaultOutputUnit
auou genr appl  -  Apple: GenericOutput
auou rioc appl  -  Apple: AUAudioIO
auou sys  appl  -  Apple: SystemOutputUnit
auou vpio appl  -  Apple: AUVoiceProcessor
augn afpl appl  -  Apple: AUAudioFilePlayer
augn nrcv appl  -  Apple: AUNetReceive
augn sspl appl  -  Apple: AUScheduledSoundPlayer
augn ttsp appl  -  Apple: AUSpeechSynthesis
auol tmpt appl  -  Apple: AUTimePitch
auol vari appl  -  Apple: AUVarispeed

That’s odd. Can you try PluginVal, scan it and then run a test on it. That leak has to do with some shared data between Csound and Cabbage, but shouldn’t cause any real issues. I have been building and running AUs myself in the past week without any problems. But I will try again tomorrow with the current beta release and see how I get on.

I will try that now.

One other thing you might need to to is restart your MacOS, but it depends on what version of MacOS you are running. I can’t recall of hand which versions are problematic, but I have come across this before.

So I got the “Gain Test” to show up in Reaper, which is just an export of the effect-template in Cabbage. It’s AU for sure. Coming from working with Cabbage on Windows, do I understand it correctly that the .component file stores the .csd inside it? If that’s the case, does it also store images and other connected files?

Edit: I have tried again and again but no matter what I do, I can’t get it to show up in Reaper as AU. The only difference I notice now between mine and the “Gain Test”-AU, is that its using lowercase instead of camelCase.

I have a .inc file, .snaps file and several images in the same folder from where the original .csd file is in. Do these need to be packaged into the .components file somehow?

Yes they do. If you use the bundle() identifier for those files it will make things easier for you. The .csd file is bundled but default. You can right click the .component and hit show package contents of you want to see inside it.

@hdale94 a quick heads up, the current beta releases are producing some issues in Logic. They load fine but their channels are a bit messed up. I’m working on a fix this very minute…

Thanks. I see that the bundle() identifier can take whole directories. Right now I have placed the files in the same folder as the .csd, can the bundle() identifier bundle the files from the same folder as the .csd is in? Or should I create a “Bundle” folder and place the files in there? I should probably also add the directory to imgfile identifiers aswell if that’s the case?

The bundle identifier will copy the same path as your working directory. So if do:

rslider imgFile("images/file.png")

You should do this with the bundle identifier:

form bundle("images")


form bundle("images/file.png")

Everything should be in the same folder as the .csd file. But you can have as many folders in the same directory as the .csd file as you like.

Sorry for bothering you so much with this. If I want to bundle absolutely all files and folders in the working directory, would it then just be this?

form bundle("")

No, I’m not sure that would work. The best would be to put everything but the .csd file into a pluginResources folder that will live beside the .csd file, then make sure all the paths in your .csd Cabbage section point to the files within that directory. That probably the easiest way to do it.

Great, I’m curious about the .snaps file. How would you point to that file from within another directory?

Just do:


No? That will take it a bundle it into the same folder as the .csd file.

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Logging out and back in after I exported your plugin made it accessible in Logic and other AU hosts. Case closed :male_detective:

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