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How change font dimensions?

i just successfully run the latest beta (buildid 2425) on Fedora 36.
but unfortunately the font is much too small and i could not find a place to change it. only for the colours.
is it possible?


You mean the editor font? You should be able to change it from the edit menu? I don’t have access to a PC/laptop for the next week, but I think the shortcut is Ctrl++ or Ctrl±?

P.s. so you were about to get Cabbage up and running then?

no i mean the menu font size. it’s too small and couldn’t see any option to change it.
and yes i managed cabbage to run with the linux installer.
but not compiling from source, because the dependency script complains the wrong downloader for fedora. the script will load via apt, but fedora uses dnf.

I’ll take a look and see if I can add some way of changing the menu font size :+1: