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How do I export the plugin in x64?

Hi, I’m using Windows 10 x64.

It did open on my Reaper x64 and it worked, however, my friends can’t open it.

The plugin that I made did not open on my friend’s cubase x64.
Cubase’s response is: “This is not a valid plugin”
He also tried on Reaper x64.

On my other friend’s computer, reaper’s x32 response was: The following plugin could not be loaded.
And on his x64 version of reaper, the plugin could not be found.

Later, when my first friend tried to load it again, reaper said “csound.dll not found”. Isn’t it standalone?
I thought it was supposed to be stand alone.

Sorry for asking too many questions at once.
And thanks again.

No, it’s not standalone. Your friends will need to have Csound installed at the very least. And you will need to share the .dll and the .csd file. Your friends will need to put them in the same folder. The pro version of Cabbage makes this a little simpler, as users don’t need to have Csound installed.

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Well, now I’m sad. Thanks anyway! You’re great!