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How to contact Cabbage Audio


I would like some more information on the Cabbage Pro version. But I can’t find any e-mail or a way to sent e-mail thru the form.

Can you contact me instead? studiotmrrw (at)

Kind regards,


I just PM-ed you… :wink:

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I replied by e-mail. But Google (GMail) is unable to deliver e-mail at your server:

“The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at [ generic::failed_precondition: connect error (111): Connection refused]”

You can just reply directly to my PM of you like.

Hi Rory,

Sorry I don’t understand what you are saying, I don’t see a personal messaging system here on the board, or do I overlook something?

Kind regards,


On the top right you should see a notice that you have a message. Or click on your account settings and view messages. :+1:

Aah yes found it! I completely overlooked it!

Hi Rory,
I would like to contact you as well but can’t find the way to PM you.

I just pm-ed you :laughing: