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How to Get Started with Cabbage for Audio Plugin Development?

Hello guys!

I just getting my feet wet in the world of building audio plugins, and I stumbled upon Cabbage. It seems incredibly powerful, and I’m itching to jump in and start twisting some knobs! But, as a complete newbie, I’m feeling a little lost on where to begin.

I am hoping some seasoned sound sculptors can lend a hand with a few questions:

  • Ignition Sequence: What do I need to fire up Cabbage on my computer? Any special tools or programs I gotta grab first?
  • Learning Launchpad: Any beginner-friendly tutorials, guides, or resources you recommend? Ideally, something that starts with the basics and blasts off into more complex stuff later.
  • Mission: First Plugin: What kind of project would be a good starting point for a total Cabbage rookie? I’d love to build something simple but functional to get a grasp of the whole workflow.
  • Rookie Wranglers: What are some common pitfalls newbies fall into with Cabbage, and how can I avoid them?
  • Community Connections: Besides this forum, are there any other online hangouts or resources where I can get help and connect with other Cabbage users?
    I also check this: But I have not found any solution. could anyone I’m pumped to dive in, start creating, and maybe even contribute to this awesome community someday.

Thanks a ton in advance for the assist!

Respected community member :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Download an installer, run it, and hope for the best :rofl:

Check the website for docs and intro tutorials - Cabbage itself also comes with a lot of examples

That’s a fairly hard question to answer. Maybe start with following some of the tutorials on YouTube?

I’m not sure, but if you fall into one post back and we can try to help.

The forum is the only real place I hang out. I usually miss anything that goes elsewhere. But I do drop in on the Csound discord server from time to time :+1:

I started with Cabbage a few weeks ago. I’d used csound in the past (before real-time audio was feasible!), so had some basis for starting.

Watch Rory’s YouTube videos. They have good info and you’ll see him do things that simplify development. I didn’t realize Edit Mode on the GUI was a thing until I watched him!

Spend some time with the included plugins to see the pieces in action.

ChatGPT can be helpful for debugging, though it can also steer you onto a path that makes no sense. Of note: I’ve had success asking it to explain what elements of working programs do.

The Csound manual will be a good companion. Lots of example code for things you’ll build off of.

Ask questions here.

I strongly recommend going through the examples coming with the Cabbage installation. I did not do this, so I wrote code inefficiently in the beginning, reinvented the wheel several times etc. The examples also may provide you some inspiration for your own projects.

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