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How to play a sound file through plugin

Most simple question, on a Mac.

How do I play a sound file in cabbage and output it through the reverb plugin.

Many thanks.

Technically that’s a Csound question. And the easiest way to do it is with the diskin opcode. Check the Csound manual for examples. Sorry, I’d normally throw something together for you but I am not near a PC right now…

Ok no problem, thanks.

I am trying to install Csound and the QT on a mac but keeps crashing.

Do I need Csound for this opcode, or can I run it on Cabbage?

I suppose my question is, do I need to learn Csound or can I do plugins completely in Cabbage?

Cabbage is based on Csound. If you look at the docs section of the website there are some intro videos that take you through the basics is Csound and Cabbage. They might be worth looking at.

Hi, I have tried to implement diskin opcode to play back a wav in the Multiverb plugin Cabbage, do I need to specify the .wav path, as it is not working, just so I do not have to keep exporting as a VST when I make changes, would this be the correct way to approach this?

   instr 1

ktrans linseg 1, 5, 2, 10, -2
a1     diskin "Blip.wav", ktrans, 0, 1, 0, 32
       outs a1, a1


You can just use one of the file players examples to send some audio through it. Open the patcher and make the connections you need. That’s probably the easiest way to route also through it.

Thats great, exactly what I need…!

Thanks a mill