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How to record OSCraw values as automations in Reaper

I have a Cabbage plugin that has several nslider widgets that get updated using values received from Csound’s OSCraw opcode. In the exported VST3 I can see the nslider values updating in response to the OSC messages, but I can’t seem to record the values in an automation lane. I can record the values if I drag the slider values manually in the VST3’s GUI, but nothing gets recorded when the values are changed via OSC. Is there a way to do this?

I just found and tried the CSOUND_GESTURES reserved channel, but it has no effect afaict. Still experimenting hoping something will work soon.

The example given at CSOUND_GESTURES reserved channel doesn’t seem to work in Reaper either.

Yeah, this was a hack to make it work in Live. I didn’t think it was needed at all in Reaper. I’ll take a look.

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I was able to get OSC values recorded in Reaper by sending them directly to Reaper instead of sending them to the Cabbage plugin.

Unfortunately, Reaper can’t handle the amount of OSC data I’m sending, so I’ll have to figure something else out.

I tried using Ardour and found it is able to handle a lot more OSC messages than Reaper. Ardour lets me change plugin values via OSC at a rate of 30 times a second on 150 plugin parameters at the same time.

Nice. I’m surprised by Reaper though. I thought it would be able to handle this handy enough.

Hi! I’m on Apple M1 and MacOS 12.6.1, and I have both OSX64 and ARM version of Reaper v6.64 installed.

I haven’t tested this extensively and I’m not triggering things with OSC but with mouse and MIDI and GESTURES seem to work for me in Reaper (Intel). However, they don’t work on the ARM version of Reaper, which is running Cabbage plugins with Rosetta. Is this behaviour expected?

I’ve just recently switch to M1 and I’ll have more related questions soon.

[edit] actually recording automation seems to be disabled regardless of GESTURES in Reaper-ARM.

Just wanted to update that now with Cabbage 2.8.155 VSTs work in both Intel and Apple versions of Reaper and automation can be recorded also with CSOUND_GESTURES. I’ve just tried with a mouse though, and only VST, but looks promising.

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I just tried getting this to work with Cabbage 2.8.157 on my M1 Mac using Reaper v6.70 universal binary and Csound 6.18 universal binary. The exported VSTi and VST3i plugins would not load in Reaper. Reaper’s plugin loader crashes on the Cabbage plugins every time.

@rorywalsh Any ideas why a simple VSTi plugin is crashing Reaper’s plugin loader? Any info I can provide that would help diagnose?

Hi @docEdub Are the plugins signed?

p.s. I’m without a Mac at the moment but hope to pick one up later this week so I should be able to test then…

I don’t think they’re signed.

Do plugins need to be signed now even when they’re not being distributed? I just want to use it on my machine for now.

They sure do. Thank Apple for that, but thankfully they can be adhoc signed. There is a setting in Cabbage that will do this for you. You can enable it and see if that works. Otherwise you’ll need to get the terminal out and get typing.

Adhoc signing worked, and the CSOUND_GESTURES channel also works on my machine, now. Thanks for the help!

Great, I’ll take that as an early Christmas gift :slight_smile:

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Did some testing in Reaper with CSOUND_GESTURES working and it’s having no issue recording 150 automation lanes at the same time using this method. This makes me happy :slight_smile: I was not looking forward to making Ardour part of my workflow.

Interestingly, the plugin window has to be open or minimized for the automation changes to be passed to Reaper’s automation lanes. No automation changes come through if the plugin window is closed.

Hmm, that’s because the code is tied to the UI, which needs to be open. I painted myself into a corner on that one it seems :grimacing:

It’s all good. It still works when the window is minimized, so it’s not in the way or anything.

I’m glad it’s not hold you back :slight_smile: