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How to save vst with sounds

hi, thanx for looking at this question,

i learned how to save a vst with image buttons, image background so it looks pro, 1 question i got is: it is posible to save the vst and the sample sounds? im working on a sample vst with different samples in all keys but at rhis moment i dont know if when i convert it to a vst will recall the sounds if i paste the vst on my studio computer, thanx

Copy the files (such as images) from the project folder into a vst-folder where you export the plugin. This is what I usually do. I think this also works with audiofiles?

Also, the bundle() identifier is really handy in this regard. It will automatically bundle files into the same folder as the exported VST plugins, or the .vst bundle on a Mac. When working with resources, also make sure to use relative paths, i.e, filmStrip("./images/knob.png"). Then in your form declaration you can just pass the folders, or files, you wish to bundle:

form bounds(...), bundle("./images", "./samples", "background.png")