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How to select widgets on top of each other?

I use the GUI designer and I have an image and on top of it I have a knob aka rslider , how I select the knob and not the image and how I can also add new widgets on top of the image ?

I added the parameter plant in the image but alas it still selects it when I select the knob

A widget currently under another is not accessible in the GUI designer. You’ll need to change the Z index. Widgets appear as they are listed from top to bottom in the <Cabbage> section. What I normally do is work with the widget in the area beside an image, and then when I’m happy with it I move it into place. Either that, or I simply code it by hand. Actually, 90% of the time I simply code by hand :+1:

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pity it is pretty standard feature for such a powerful designer, yeah I will mostly spend my time coding too, but nothing beats position widgets by hand.But I am ok with those workarounds too.

I know. I did have a ‘bring to front’ feature in Cabbage V1, but it was a pain to work with because I didn’t implement it with any great degree of skill. I could look at doing it again, only properly this time :rofl:

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