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How to simulate a HOST_BPM with cabbage?

Maybe this is a trivial question but I wonder if it is possible to simulate a HOST_BPM sent to a cabbage instrument … without leaving cabbage ?
Because I am getting lazy to quit cabbage everytime I make a change and reopen REAPER to test if it works…
Thank you for help

I can add transport controls to the cabbage patcher. That while be the way to do it. But I can’t promise to do it anytime soon!

Hi Rory,
That would be great … but I think the most important right now is to have a reliable preset saving option… You can’t imagine how many presets I lost ! May be my code is not that robust and reliable … but I really lost a lot of CoolZuur sounds… and this is really frustrating.

How do VST engines save their presets ? Could this be a path to be investigated ?

How are they lost, you still have the files right? If they no longer work we will fix them. I thought the coffee I pushed to git today fixed the preset issue?

Yes indeed, you are right. I had to copy/ paste the files and change the path to the waveshapes files in the snapshots from my VST directory to my cabbage directory. Like that it is possible to reload them into the instruments when they are run into cabbage as such… but when instruments are turned into VST, it is very random to be able to reload them.
Moreover, REAPER does not reload the active configuration of cabbage VST.
Somehow, the dll does not behave like the cabbage instrument. This is strange.

Thank you for your great patience.and your help.

I’m just testing this here. It seems that regular controls such as sliders, buttons, etc do have their states saved by the host, but soundfiler/filebuttons do seem to have a problem. I’ll try to sort that out.

Actually, things seem to work Ok, but you need to make some additions if you wish to be able to recall saved sounds using the host’s own save function, AND the preset system in Cabbage. I’ve updated the Soundfiler.csd example. Try running it as a VST plugins. Saving a session in Reaper should also save the current file loaded to the soundfiler widget. Not that saving and reloading presets should also work in VST mode. The only change I had to make was in triggering the LoadSoundfile instrument to run as soon as a VST is loaded.(see Soundfiler.csd). The filebutton widget was saving the correct file path, but Cabbage wasn’t loading it.

Remember that we changed all path to relative ones, so older presets that used filebuttons may need updating. That’s just an unfortunate side effect of making that change. But I think it’s a good change, and one worth persisting with.

Did this ever get implemented? cheers

No :shushing_face: But Cabbage development usually hits a purple patch around this time of year, so leave it with me… again!