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How to turn master sound down in the plugin

I know this is a really stupid question but how do I make one of my sliders turn the master volume down

On the plugin

Multiply your output signal by the slider output. If you want more detailed answers please post some code. A simplified example will do fine.

How would you do this with the whole plugin, not just one thing? (For example a vco2 and an oscili playing at the same time, how would you be able to turn everything down)
I would have expected there would be some opcode for use here but I’m quite new to csound so I don’t know.

The answer is still the same. Scale back your output signal by the slider value. If you are outputting several signals, scale them all back accordingly. It all depends on how you are coding the plugin. There is book magic bullet solution here. It just takes time and good design.

took me an absurd amount of time to realise that i could just control velocity using a slider. I know that messes with key velocity in the daw but ill figure that out later on.

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