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Hslider extending beyond its bounds

Why dont hsliders like me :frowning:

It’s nothing personal! I don’t think they like anyone :joy: what version of Cabbage are you using?

Btw, is the issue that hslider doesn’t go as far as the tracker under it? By tracker I mean the track it moves along… the blank line on which it sits…

not exactly; Im using cabbage 2.5.0 and i recently decided to get back into it since i havent used it in quite a while, so i just downloaded the most recent release and decided to just start over with my plugin since there was some sort of invisible problem where it would process audio; even so that code is a mess so i wouldnt want to use it again :sweat_smile: the problem is is that the black line underneath it goes too far.oofslider
The left end on the slider has the graphics i expect it to have, but you can see on the right that it just keeps going. Is this fixed in a newer beta build i dont have?

edit: Here is a screenshot of the full osc; the only code in there is GUI code for the buttons on osc 1 and 2
ooo mama

This should be fixed now. Can you try the latest build?

hmm, nope.

I’ll take another look tomorrow…