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Huge bug: "save file as..." overwrites new file when editing the original. Lost a lot of code because of this

Hi there, I was working on a project and clicked "save file as… " so I could save it to another file with a different name. I then continued working on the original one, thinking that any changes wouldn’t overwrite the new one. Turns out it did. All the edits I made to the original got saved onto the other file.

I tested it again, and the same thing happened. Here’s what I did:

  1. Make a new file called Test1.
  2. Save it using “save file as…” into a new file with the name Test2.
  3. Then go back to Test1’s tab and add a comment, and save it.
  4. Then close all files and open Test2. The comment appears there.

Thanks for the report. I’ll get that sorted as soon as I get a chance!

Hey thanks Rory. Turns out I didn’t lose my old project. It got renamed as the new file, and the edits were applied to the original file instead. So it sounds like “save file as…” just switches the two files.

I’m glad you didn’t lose any work, but this is still something that needs serious attention. I’m swamped with work stuff at the minute, but I’ll try to get it done soon.

This is fixed now in git, if you want to try out the latest build you will find it here.