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I computed an impulse response in a k-rate array; now how do I display it?

Greetings everyone, new to Cabbage, and am liking it.

I’m writing a plugin. Whenever the parameters the user sets via the UI, change, the plugin calculates an impulse response in a csound array, copies that impulse response into a csound function table, and convolves the signal with it using liveconv.

This processes the audio nicely. (I really love how easy and smooth it was in Cabbage to go from concept to working plugin in a DAW. Thank you!)

But how can I display this impulse response to the user?

Thank you in advance.

I’ve attached two files that will work. The first uses the old identChannel() method, the second version uses the recently added cabbageSet widget. Note that the one using cabbageSet needs the latest version of Cabbage, which is actually just building now in Azure. Should be done in a half hour or so :+1:

ImpulseDisplay.csd (982 Bytes)
ImpulseDisplay2.csd (997 Bytes)

p.s. welcome to the community, it’s good to have you!