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I need a little bit Help by a Variable Problem

So, it’s my be a silly Question.
But I will get the File name from a File-Button Widget.
And use this Variable in a Fout statement.
But Fout only support an i rate Variable as Name of the File.
So when I use a normal S rate Variable the Program - yes Cabbage and my Script - would crash down.
But when I use a Variable Prefix iS I’m can not start my script.
Have there anybody a Idea to solve this little Bug

Thanks in advice

Mungo1981 :sleeping: :smirk::blush:

Don’t start the instrument with fout until the file button is pressed. Then you can use an i-rate string variable. It’s more or less what happens in the instrument I posted here.

Ok, thanks
I will try it as soon as possible…

If you can’t figure it it post the code here and we’ll sort .