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I need some help with singal display and upcoding

So i am currently recreating my fender sidekick reverb 15 as a plugin and adding some extra features such as a singal display wich i just cant get to work properly. I am also strugeling with the upcoding i just cant wrap my head around it, if anyone can help you are a hero.

A amp (4.0 MB)

finished the ui now tho

If you want to use the signaldisplay widget you need to tell it which variables to dispaly from Csound, and the type of display it should use:

signaldisplay bounds(272, 25, 254, 93) channel("master") colour(255, 255, 255, 255) displaytype("waveform") colour:0(255, 255, 255, 255), signalvariable("a1")

Then you need to pass the signal you wish to display to Cabbage using the display opcode in Csound.

a1 inch 1
a2 inch 2
outs a1*kMaster, a2*kMaster

display a1, .1, 1 

I multiplied by three to give a better display. The last thing you need to do it set --displays in your Csound flags:

-n -d -+rtmidi=NULL -M0 -m0d --displays

That should do the trick. I will update the documentation for this opcode. it’s not great :see_no_evil:

ok thx ill see if i can get it to work now

i did what you said but now there is no singal going through the plugin at all

bender side punch reverb 15.csd (4.3 KB)

after further research i found out it does still handel audio but the singal display is still ded and non of my knobs exapt the master knob actually do anything

You didn’t update your signal display code, and your csd options now contains two lines of code, they should only ever consist on a single line of code.

What do you expect them to do, you haven’t programmed them to do anything?

fun fact i did. but even after updating my csd options to only have one line the display is dead as always

(also off topic note but may i suggest a cabbage discord server?)

Can you share the .csd file again, the last one you sent had the same line of code declaring the signaldisplay widget as the previous one :thinking:

I’m not sure about a discord server. Maybe if the community grows, but right now we’re pretty small and I find the forum is more than adequate. Plus, you’ll always get a quicker reply from me here than on discord, where I tend to disable notifications and then forget to check any new content :see_no_evil:

got it

bender side punch reverb 15.csd (4.3 KB)

Works fine here. I see signal activity as soon as I press play :thinking:

what how?
it doesnt do anything on my side

Check your audio settings. Is the audio input set correctly? Do you have a mic connected? What way are you trying to send audio through it this? Are you exporting as a plugin or just working in the main Cabbage application? Can you share a screenshot of your audio settings?

i am currently using my laptop mic but i am making it to be used in recording my guitar. i have tried exporting it as a plugin and then run a simple saw through it but still nothing.

From inside Cabbage. If you go to the audio settings dialogue. I’m just curious to know how this is set up…

Ok, that all looks good. What version of Cabbage are you using? Also, after you press play for the instrument in Cabbage, can you open the Cabbage Patcher and take a screenshot of how it looks? You can press Ctrl+p to launch it, or launch it from the View menu… :+1:

i am on v2.5.0

I’ve no idea what might be going wrong here. I haven’t had any reports of any issues like this in 2.5.0. It’s clearly working for me here. Just so we are working with the same version, can you download and install the latest beta release. Just click the drop link and choose your installer. Let me know if that helps.

Something else you can try is to open the DiskinFilePlayer example from the file players menu and load a sound file. Then patch it to the input of your instrument. See if that works maybe…

ye its there now prob an issue with 2.5.0

btw is there a way to increase the refresh rate of the display?