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Iain's examples just got updated

Iain’s sent me on updated examples. Some modifications to existing instruments, and some entirely new ones to play around with also. Git lists the following files as either updated, or in some cases entirely new:

  • Examples/Effects/Filters/CombFilters.csd
  • Examples/Effects/Modulation/FlutterChorus.csd
  • Examples/Effects/Modulation/Spatialiser.csd
  • Examples/Effects/Reverbs/ShimmerReverb.csd
  • Examples/Effects/Spectral/SpectralEtcher.csd
  • Examples/Effects/Time/NoWarpDelay.csd
  • Examples/Effects/Time/Schematic.png
  • Examples/Effects/Time/SpringReverb.csd
  • Examples/Effects/Time/UrsaMajorSpaceStationCabbage.csd
  • Examples/FilePlayers/TimeBandit.csd
  • Examples/FilePlayers/aabrushedAluminium.jpeg
  • Examples/FilePlayers/darkBrushedMetal.jpeg
  • Examples/FilePlayers/darkMetal.jpeg
  • Examples/FilePlayers/granuleFilePlayer.csd
  • Examples/FunAndGames/Air Raid Siren.csd
  • Examples/FunAndGames/Demolition.csd
  • Examples/FunAndGames/PPhase1.pvx
  • Examples/FunAndGames/PPhase2.pvx
  • Examples/FunAndGames/PianoPhase.csd
  • Examples/FunAndGames/River.csd
  • Examples/FunAndGames/Shower.csd
  • Examples/Instruments/Miscellaneous/PendulumWaves.csd
  • Examples/Instruments/Physical Modelling/BarModel.csd
  • Examples/Instruments/Physical Modelling/BassGuitar.csd
  • Examples/Instruments/Physical Modelling/Clavinet.csd
  • Examples/Instruments/Physical Modelling/Glockenspiel.csd
  • Examples/Instruments/Physical Modelling/GuitarChords.csd
  • Examples/Instruments/Physical Modelling/Harmonics.csd
  • Examples/Instruments/Physical Modelling/Honk.csd
  • Examples/Instruments/Physical Modelling/Mellotron MkII Flute.csd
  • Examples/Instruments/Physical Modelling/Parp.csd
  • Examples/Instruments/Physical Modelling/PreparedPiano.csd
  • Examples/Instruments/Physical Modelling/RubbedResonators.csd
  • Examples/Instruments/Physical Modelling/Spiccato.csd
  • Examples/Instruments/Physical Modelling/StringFeedback.csd
  • Examples/Instruments/Physical Modelling/Strum.csd
  • Examples/Instruments/Physical Modelling/Vibraphone.csd
  • Examples/Utilities/Lissajous.csd
  • Examples/Utilities/OscilloscopeOpcodeExplorer.csd
  • Examples/Utilities/Spectrogram.csd
  • Examples/Utilities/Spectroscope.csd

I can’t thank Iain enough for continuing to produce such inspiring examples. This updated and new examples can be found in the latest beta builds. I’m particularly interested in the UrsaMajorSpaceStationCabbage.csd example :thinking: Thanks Iain :clap:


These are great @iainmccurdy I have to put my hand up and say I wasn’t aware of the Ursa delay before now. When I ran your instrument and it didn’t show a spaceship built with Cabbage I was initially disappointed :rofl: but it’s a lovely effect. Pendulum waves is a beautiful instrument. I’m surprised you get such fluid animation, but it works very well. Micropolyphony is great. Brings Space Odyssey 2001 to mind, which is nice because Max Mathews, whose Music N programs spawned Csound, created the voice of HAL for that movie. :slight_smile: (or so I believe? @Dr_Richard_Boulanger will know…)

Thanks, Rory. It’s actually a pleasure creating these and sharing them. I wish I had time to do more. The Ursa Major started as a class task to research and recreate this old reverb unit.
The voice of HAL was just an actor but his singing of ‘Daisy Bell’ was obviously a nod to Max Mathews. They did use an old tape-based pitch shifter called an Eltro Information Rate Changer for the sequence where HAL is disconnected though - that could be another recreation project although I think it is basically just a time-domain pitch shifter but using tape heads.
Given the upheaval at Waves plugins in the past couple of days, perhaps Cabbage and Csound could step in and offer really really usable and high-quality plugins for production.

I think they’ve since rolled back on their decision, but it’s just a sign of things to come. Thanks for the info on HAL :slight_smile: I always did find it odd that Kubrick make’s a nod to the past in a machine from the future, but for me that’s always been a testament to Mathew’s genius.