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Idea: cabbagelite examples

I know you’re working to eventually phase out cabbagelite eventually in favor of a combined experience in one binary…

But if it’s not too much work, would it be possible to have the examples menu available in c-lite? I was thinking perhaps right below “Open Csound file”…


I’m afraid this would actually be quite a bit of work, as they are two very different components. CabbageLite uses a simple popup menu, while Cabbage uses a MenuBar. So I would need to implement it from scratch…

Oh well. Would a way to launch an OS browser (finder/explorer/etc) to the example directory be possible as an alternate solution?

Possibly, but I’m not sure I can open a browser at a location contained within a bundle. Also, I don’t want to start shipping all the examples with CabbageLite. If I did I might have to start calling it CabbageHeavy

I get that it’s a little awkward to open them considering they are contained within the bundle. If you want easy access to the example files you can just clone the repo?

Yeah, I already have it copied outside of the package… I was just looking for a more quick & portable solution. But yeah, if it’s much more than a few minutes effort it really isn’t worth it. I’m not sure if anyone else uses lite, but I live and die by it :wink:

Oh, by the way, at least on OSX:

$ find /Applications/ | wc -l