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Identchannels with chnset not updating colour

Really hope this isn’t something I’m going to look at in like ten minutes and be like “I wish there was a delete button”!
So I don’t know if I’m misunderstanding the use, but say I have a groupbox which starts off pink, and I want to make it black when a button is pressed, something like

groupbox text(sad_reacts_only), bounds(110, 310, 100, 320), colour("pink"), fontcolour("teal"), identchannel("pls"),

And within an instrument I try to set this (this is in a conditional but for simplicities sake):

;formatting message so there's a space after the comma above, and end with a comma for future additions
chnset " colour(0, 0, 0), ", "pls"

Should that not be expected to update the groupbox background colour to black? Might be missing something rly stupid, but a similar thing was happening with chnsetting “visible”, which I ended up getting around by chnsetting “bounds” instead!

(Edit: audio settings are fine, that was throwing me in the link slider days)

He says with confidence…


…we recently discovered a bug with identchannel(), when the sampling rate is anything but 44100. When I run your example with my audio device SR set to 44100 it works fine. Note this issue is present in DAWs too. I should get a chance to fix it this week. Watch this space…

Ayyyyy that’s perfect thank you so much, for some reason with my interface it doesn’t give me an option to use 44.1khz so i stuck with 48k because I’m a lazy boi didn’t realise it would affect it!
Lemme know when the new patch is done!