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InfoButton can't open HTML files in Cabbage 2.0.02

Hi Rory,

I’ve found a bug, the same as here (even if it says it’s fixed, here I have an issue)

I tried with the example provided InfoButtons.csd and the html page never opens.

Thanks in advance,

Thanks. I’ll take a look. The list of things to get done is mounting up at an awful rate!

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Thanks a lot ! Oh sorry for that, I’m contributing a lot to it, but the big synth I’m developing is near the end and as far as I go I discover new bugs haha

I never have any issue with people reporting bugs. :wink: It helps to make the software better for everyone.

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This is fixed now and in the latest git tip. I will try to publish a beta for you shortly.

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Perfect ! Thanks a lot !
Also, an other little question :
Is there a way to open a website directly from Cabbage ?
(Without calling a local HTML file that redirects to the online website)

Hmm, good question. It might just work out of the box. I’ll take a look.

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That would be cool ! That way we could have a website button always working, that doesn’t depends on external file !

By the way, is there a way to pack everything into the plug-in file (.dll) ? (Like the .csd, the SVG,…) ?

No. Well, if you wish to modify the Cabbage source code you can. But it would be a bit of work.

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