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Initial values

I’m a little confused whether it’s the host or Cabbage, but when I’ve set my plugin’s parameters, am I right in thinking the values stored in the host at the point of saving, are what’s recalled on load?

It seems that the value argument of range(0, 1, **here**) is overriding for me

Cabbage will set that default value each time the plugin is loaded, but if you’ve exported the plugin into a host and use it in a project, the host will override that default with whatever is saved for the project. That way you don’t have to dial in the settings in all of your plugins each time you load a project.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks @t_grey as I thought, and thanks for the explanation.

I’ve actually been a wally and had a scenario whereby I had link parameters (via channel) and the other param was overriding the other if that makes sense :roll_eyes: all fixed now


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