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another simple instrument (a shy emulation of vox continental…)
hope you like it! :blush:

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Sounds great, although I’m testing it with my laptop’s speakers. I will give it a proper whirl once I’m back in my studio.

It sounds nice Ivan!

It ocurred to me that this kind of instruments would benefit from having an instrument mapping presets to Program changes in the Midi device. Something like this (i 130 0 [3600*24]):

instr   130     
    kstatus, kchan, kdata1, kdata2 midiin 
    if (kstatus == 192) then 
        chnset kdata1+1, "combobox" 

That’s a clever idea.


I love it when experienced programmers help me with my code, just so you can learn!

Many Thanks!


Well, you’re probably talking about Rory because I’m far from being an experienced programmer! I’m just starting to grasp some general ideas of how to work with Csound. I’d love to have the experience of someone like Mr. McCurdy some day.