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Instrument: DTMF Dialer

I was bored and decided to write a DTMF tone generator. It’s not the coolest thing ever, but it’s sorta fun.

For some reason the “autodial” part doesn’t work as an exported effect, but it works from inside of cabbage. Other than that everything seems to be working correctly.

DTMFdialer.csd (14.8 KB)

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Nice! It works fine for me as a plugin but some hosts have a problem with keystrokes. What host are you trying it with?

I had tried it in reaper64.

Oh, btw… it looks like the texteditor widget doesn’t update from ident channel messages properly. For example, if I send it text("") it should clear out, but it doesn’t.

Is there a way to trigger with a chan message of “value(1)” to the texteditor or something like that? I could work around the host/keypress issue with a run button.

If it’s not updating from its identifier channel then it’s a bug. I’ll sort that out.

Reaper seems to be robbing the return keystroke. I guess now that you can query if the instrument is running as a plugin or not you can set it up accordingly. Good call on that one on that feature!

I don’t have a build with that feature yet, but no worries… I’ll get it soon enough I’m sure. Actually, I’m thinking I might try to my hand and building myself again sometime soon. It’d be nice to know I always have the freshest at my fingertips. edit: Nevermind that part, just saw your other post. Will download and test that later today. Thanks!

What do you mean tho? I don’t understand how knowing that it’s exported will help me work around it.

My thought was if you can make the text box respond to a value(1) sent over identchannel the same as if enter had been pressed, I could make a “run” button that works instead of enter… but if you have another suggestion I’d love to hear it!

I’ve posted a new build to the forum with all the new features. My point was that you could test if it is a plugin and if it is create a button. Otherwise hitting return will do the trick? Know what I mean,?

Yeah, I could do that… might take some juggling of the ui, or maybe just letting overlap. I might just leave the button there full time tho. My original plan was to have a run button and a clear button, but I couldn’t get either working… run was using identchannel to send value(1), and clear was sending text(""). So are you saying that a run button should work? If so I’ll have to take another crack at it.

Sending a text("") will clear the texteditor. That bug has been fixed, but how to get the text without passing a return is another issue. How about a double or triple click on the editor to send the string?

My favorite is still responding to value(). Double click wouldn’t work, since it’s used to start highlighting text… but triple probably would be ok.

Another idea is to put it into the right click context menu.

Does the popup menu work in plugin mode in Reaper? There should be one already which I could add a send to. I can’t test right now.

[edit] I’ve added an option to send text to Csound from the popup menu. I’ll build an updated OSX version for you tomorrow so you can try it out.

Well crap… the context menu does work in reaper, however the new run option you added does not appear when exported as an effect. :frowning:

It appears in the context menu in cabbage, and works sending text there. I had made my text windows red to make 100% sure I was running the newest export.

BTW, the behavior of changing which file you’re editing after an export has gotten very confusing… I’ve edited my exported copies a number of times and “lost” my changes when I went to open my working copies later. Is this intended behavior, or a bug?

When you export it updates the current copy with the exported one. Maybe I shouldn’t update and keep it with the development version. If you point your csd’s to the directory you work from then it should be fine.

This whole thing is very strange. I just tried here and nothing is wrong. In plugin mode it shows the windows. Let me double check the version I just installed myself on OSX tomorrow. I’m using Linux at the moment and it’s fine there.

Here’s one more!

I’m going back and releasing “maintenance updates” for most of my old recipes. These are just minor bug fixes to keep them running with current csound and cabbage versions. Enjoy!

DTMFdialer_v1.1.csd (14.8 KB)

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