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Instrument: Etude #1

Etude # 1 is a Cabbage instrument which I wrote mainly to test out and to check the possibilities and limitations of Cabbage. I hope that the code will be helpful as demonstrating some tricks possible in Cabbage. Nevertheless, it finally may also be of some use beyond demonstration purposes.

I post this instrument (and maybe future ones) on GitLab:

For Etude #1 I also wrote a small documentation explaning the tricks I used. (also not to forget them myself :wink:)

:clap: Very nice. Some of the presets are really lovely. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your comment. I appreciate that you like it. But I also have to thank you and the other developers of cabbage. I like the system a lot. I have tried supercollider and also csound with the QT environment before, and finally I think I will stay with cabbage. It’s really easy to produce control panels and also it is good that anything can be converted to VST without hassles.


I fixed an embarrasing noob bug in the calculation of the partials. This affected all recursive calculations with B>0, e.g. in the ‘Fibonnacci’ preset. If someone likes the old presets more, they are still included with ‘-l’ added, e.g. ‘Fibonacci-l’.
The new version can be downloaded from GitLab.


I loved this,