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Instrument: Etude #3

Here is one more in the “Etude” series. The basic idea of this instrument was to interpolate between the equidistant pulse trail of the buzz opcode and the random pulse sequence of dust. But during the course of development I added a lot of effects on top of that. So in the end it is capable to produce a range of sounds from distorted tonal to percussive.

As a word of warning, due to its nature the instrument has to run at ksmps=1. So the CPU load is high and there may be problems when multiple instances are running from a DAW.

As always I post the code and a PDF doc here: . There is also a short demo with all sounds generated by instances of Etude #3: .

I played somewhat with your instruments on GitLab and in particular I like Etude#1 and Morpheus for their beautiful sound.