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Instrument: Gauss 2

After some pause due to workload I finished an instrument which is close to my dayjob as a physicist. It is based on the concept of Gaussian random fields (which is a fancy name for the superposition of waves with not-completely-random amplitudes and phases). The instrument is quite flexible generating anything between different flavours of noise and a pure sine.

As always I post the code and a PDF doc here: There is also a demo with all sounds generated by instances of Gauss 2:

What may also be interesting for Cabbage coders is instrument 20 in this code. It establishes an interface to a KORG nanoKONTROL2 MIDI controller. It allows the sliders, buttons and combobox to be controlled. Because the channel numbers of the controller and the specifics of the sliders (range…), buttons (radiogroup), and combobox (length) are stored in arrays it should be easy to adapt this to other instruments and controllers. I am dreaming of a code generator which parses the Cabbage section and generates the arrays automatically. Or even better a MIDI learn function. Both should be possible but I would need to have way more time to do it.

BTW, did anyone before have the idea to implement a kind of ‘MIDI learn’ in the Cabbage interface?