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Instrument: Monobomb

We built this in class today. It’s a simple emulation of Korg’s monotron synth. Enjoy.

Monobomb.csd (2.0 KB)

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I test on Windows 7 64 bits, Jack Audio


Groovy. But why not launch it directly in Adobe Audition?

Yeah!. But I like change parameters in real time and see the results in the spectrogram display…
I think this is not possible with the edit view. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong.
Here in Lima, we tested ( in a regular class) all Iain McCurdy examples in Cubase, Sonar X2, Nuendo4… On Windows7 32bits, Windows 8 64bits… All examples were ok but just a few of them doesn’t work…
I have a list that I have to review before warning…
We used them with MIDI control remote…
We shall test the cabbage android version on March 2016…
Hey, Thank you for the video… It was very inspiring for students.
Beatlemania still exists. Hahaha

If you have a list of the ones that don’t work I can take a look. It’s a safe bet to say it’s not Iain’s code that’s causing the crash, but Cabbage! You can display FFT data in a table. Check out the FFTFileViewer example, I think it’s in the effects menu somewhere.