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Invalid ftable no

Would anyone be able to tell me why this might be happening?

It just froze up while I was in the middle of playing with it. When I tried to load it again I got this in the output console:

Invalid ftable no. 0.000100

I have checked the ftable numbers and haven’t been able to find a problem.

FM_TEST.csd (31.2 KB)

I’m not sure, but when I copy and paste the text to a new file I don’t get the same errors?

[edit] actually, that doesn’t work. But something I did did fix it. Now to find out what…:smirk:

kOp2WaveShape is 0.000100 when the instrument starts…

Thanks again Rory,

but ummm…what does that mean exactly?

You’re setting the value() of your slider to 0.001, not in the range identifier but the value() one that appears later on that line.

rslider bounds(2, 20, 60, 80), channel("Op2WaveShape"), text("Shape") range(0, 3, 0, 1, 1) increment(1) outlinecolour(0, 255, 0, 255) trackercolour(0, 255, 0, 255) colour(0, 0, 0, 0) value(0.0001) valuetextbox(1)

Remove those and it should be fine. Btw, what version of Cabbage are you using?

Ahh, I see.

So a silly mistake then. Serves me right for copying and pasting :confused:

I’ll have to check when I’m home from work, but I only downloaded it a few weeks ago, so should be v2.0.03 for OSX.

I ask because earlier versions added the value() identifier when in edit mode, even though it shouldn’t. The latest version should work fine. Btw, although that fixes that particular error, I still don’t get any audio?

I see: the extra value() identifiers did show up while I was in edit mode. It’s v2.0.03

I used your suggestion and it worked for me, I’m getting audio on my end. It might be that all of the envelopes are set to 0 when the instrument loads?

This one works for me:

FM_TEST3.csd (31.6 KB)

Post a finished version when your done if you don’t mind sharing. It’s looks pretty funky :+1:

Sure, happy to post when done.

There’s a few things I’m stuck on with it that I still need to sit and figure out how to do - so might be a while till finished.