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Invite to test 2 free plugins from Puremagnetik

Hi Cabbage users,

We will be releasing some free Cabbage-built plugins on Thursday and I would like to invite you to our beta round.

Since you probably have a full system version of Csound installed (unlike 99% of our end-users) it would be ideal if you could disable Csound before testing (for OSX I just rename CsoundLib64.framework to disable) as our plugins contain a self-contained vanilla version.

Expanse - a noise and drone generator that can be spectrally blurred, pitched, and filtered.

Driftmaker - a delay disintegration device that parses incoming audio, recalls certain parts and adds analog deterioration to the signal.

Both can be downloaded as VST and Audio Units for Windows and OSX here:

Click on the link, select your operating system and select “Download” > “Direct Download” from the upper righthand corner of the window.

Please let me know if you run into any issues, have suggestions or comments.

All the best,


Micah Frank
Founder | Lead Developer
Puremagnetik | Brooklyn, NYC

Thanks Micah, that’s very generous :clap: I look forward to trying them out.

Thanks Rory - let me know if you run into anything unusual. I slimmed down the OSX distro to almost nothing so please check it out if you have a chance.

Do you mind if I post these on the Csound list?

Hey Micah!

I’ve just tried out driftmaker and right of the bat I’ve noticed that instantly when plugin is instantiated it has some data in the buffer - the meter moves, it’s inadible, but can lead to clicks, pops, noise bursts in some cases for the users.

It just seems that there is some garbage data in pre-allocated buffer/table. You might want to zero-out buffer in the beginning, if you’re using one.

Oh - testing it on Windows 7 64 bit, in Reaper 5.965


Also - both of the plugins don’t load in bitwig studio 2.4

I have a copy of Bitwig, although it’s an old one. I’ll try it out now and see if I get the same issues…

Thanks Martin,

Can you elaborate on this? Do you mean to use a deferred buffer? Or just delay the buffer audio output by a few ms?

Can this cause erratic behavior? The reason I ask is because some of our customers have had “clicks, pops, noise bursts” especially in Cubase.


Sorry - I didn’t see this part.

Did you try opening as Admin and re-scanning?

They work fine for me in Bitwig 1.N but I had to remove and add my custom plugins folder and re-scan. I can’t say for certain if I have to do this for all plugins as I literally only have Cabbage and Puremagnetik plugins on my systems :joy: Why would I need anything else :wink:

@MartinS9001 @rorywalsh

Where on your system is the VST folder? Perhaps it’s a permissions issue?

Hi! I tested both and works perfect in Ableton 10, but in Cubase I had some “clicks, pops, noise bursts”, I have the same problems with all cabbage devices. We are talking about this here

Indeed. I have had a few customers with this exact issue.

If you have a chance please try these new builds here: