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Is it possible to have MIdi, Audio and Microphone Input at the same time?

For example, I want to have a cabbage synth where you can play a keyboard and can modulate the note with your voice, both with live and recorded input. And I want to create a plugin version of this.

Are there any limitations imposed by either Csound or Cabbage in doing this? Can I do this live? What formats can I output this in, ie VST, .exe, etc.? Just curious if this is possible. Thanks.

Hi @tautegory, welcome to the forum. I’m afraid synths cannot accept live audio input. You can of course load sample sounds, no live input. Sorry.

Thanks anyway. And glad to be here.

In ardour there are audio/midi tracks that receive both type of data, I’ve used them with an effect that receive also midi data/program changes and seems to work.
Another option is use jackd (if available for your platform) and route audio and midi data to and from cabbage.
Hope this helps

Live and Reaper also allow you to use effect like instruments, but it depends on the host.