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Is it possible to re-create Pure Data patches in CSound?

I’ve been looking into CSound over the last couple of days and I’m relatively getting a handle on it. I’ve come from using PureData quite heavily and I would like to be able to recreate the PD patches I’ve made. In the time I’ve been using CSound, I’ve tried to create some simple systems that I would use frequently in PD, but the audio output is completely different to that of what I’ve made in PD.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips on convert between the two, and how to translate PD to CSound.


I’ve created a few Pd patches as Csound instruments in my time, as you know, it’s a time consuming job. Maybe you can post your simple Pd stuff and we can try to direct you on how to make it sound the same in Csound?

btw, it’s Csound, one word, one uppercase letter :wink: Sorry, I couldn’t let that go :joy:

Thanks Rory! I’ve been going by trial and error and I’ve gotten some progress since yesterday, got one of the patches I use frequently to work in the same way as Pd. Just working my way through now. :grinning:

Nice one. I think if you wrote the patches yourself it shouldn’t be that tricky to port. I ported some of Andy Farnell’s instruments to Csound some time back and it was a real horror show :joy:

have you tried csound6~.pd_linux?