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Issue creating plugin

Hi, there seems to be an issue when creating a plugin, the plugin created is fine and works in Logic Pro but the created date is wrong and cant be changed. This is for an assignment so i cant really submit a plugin this week that says it was created on 25 jan 2023!
I am using the latest build of Cabbage on mac
I hope someone can help?
Thanks in advance

The .csd file contained within the plugin itself should show the date of exporting. If you right-click the .vst/.component file on your Mac and select and select ‘Show Package Contents’. Within the contents folder you’ll see the .csd file. It should show the date of export. The reason for this is that Cabbage actually exports the same plugin every time. It’s the csd that causes it to dynamically appear and behave differently.

Thanks for the quick reply Rory!
Ive done this and can see todays date on the .csd file. is there no way to show todays date on the finished cabbage file?

No, because the plugin that gets exported is the plugin that came shipped with Cabbage. All Cabbage does when exporting is make a copy of this plugin, and changes the bundle contents. Surely you can explain this to person who gave you the assignment. Perhaps you can include a copy of this thread with your submission?

i said cabbage file, i meant on the vst/vst3 or component

ok! i appreciate your help. any reason they are dated 25th Jan 23?

What version of Cabbage are you using? The latest release, or the latest build, which is from 2 days ago?
If you install that it should give more recent build dates. :+1:

Ok great!
Thanks for your time Rory

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