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Issue Max/MSP DSP going crazy high

Hi there,

I’ve upgraded Cabbage and Csound on my Macbook pro OS 10.13.6, and since then I can’t use my vst made with cabbage on Max/MSP. The DSP status is running crazy high, and the audio is altered.
Even my “old vst” compiled with a previous version of Cabbage doesn’t works anymore, even on reaper.

I’m using the Pitch Shift, the bounce delay, the reverse and the freeverb of Ian McCurdy. It was running perfectly fine on the previous version (I mean before I’ve uploaded to the last Cabbage/CSound), and unfortunatly I don’t remember which version it was.

I thought once compiled the VST were independant of CSound, like a standalone version of a sound processing treatment?
Why the fact that I’ve uploaded my Csound and Cabbage messed all my old VST up, in reaper and Max ?

And even with the brend new compiled VST, the max/MSP DSP run crazy.
Reaper cannot open the previous version of VST. I had to re-compile everything with the new version of Cabbage, and now it’s ok.

Am I clear ? Is anyone experiencing such things ? Am I missing something here ?
I hope it’s helpful for the developpers.
Thank you !

Cabbage Version : 2.1.02
Csound 6
Max/MSP version 7.3.5


Sorry, I’m just wondering what you mean by the “VST you made with Cabbage and Max/MSP”?

“VST you made with Cabbage on Max/MSP”
I’m using Cabbage compiled Vst in Max/MSP with the vst~ object.

Ok, sorry I didn’t quite follow. The old VST plugins should still function just the same as before as the binaries are still the same. But perhaps something has changed in Csound. Did you update Csound through the Cabbage installer or independently?

Yes exactly, I’ve updated Csound through Cabbage.
I just lear that the vst “box” call the CSound lib.
Apparently the CSound lib has changed in terms of handeling vst for legal reason.
So maybe it’s a matter concerning more a CSound topic and not Cabbage. Sorry about that, when we do some cross platform works it’s sometime hard to identify the problem.

I’m not sure what night be causing the problem. Is the a free runtime player for Max I can try?

Yes, you’ve got 30 days trial, and then you can use it but cannot save.
Here, choose the 7.3.5 version:

But anyway, everything indicates that comes from the new CSound version.

I’m not so sure. I’ve heard no other reports about CPU issues on OSX with the new version, so I’d like to take a look at it myself.