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Issues running on MacOS

Due to Apple’s increasingly difficult security measures, Cabbage might no longer run out of the box. Especially the automated beta builds. The reason is the application is not signed and officially notarised. To get around this issues you need to sign the application. This is a simple procedure and can be done with the codesign app which is included with all recent flavours of MacOS. Here are the steps:

  1. Install Cabbage as usual.
  2. If it doesn’t run, open the terminal
  3. Run cd /Applications
  4. Then run sudo codesign -s - --timestamp --deep --force

Cabbage should run after that. Note that if you hit issues running the main app, you might also have problems with exported plugins. In which case you will need to sign the exported plugins too. Please check the forum for further information.

I don’t know if what I’m going to write here its the same thing you talking about, but , when I installed cabbage on my M1 it told me it can’t be installed because unverified developer, I just went to my preferences/ security/enter my password and hit install anyway, its this the situation you are explaining, I’m using older versions of cabbage on m1 chip no problem, I also do not update my 0S " like never" once my studio is running perfect I won’t update anymore because of those type of issues with apple in the past.
the latest cabbage I got is the 2.8.3, when I find issues exporting ( like today, I noticed the vst won’t remember last sounds used and load empty when I recall the session), I just went back to cabbage 2.6.5 and exported again from there and problem solved , might not be the right way but I can do the job until everything its fixed with apple, I hope I said something here that help.

Thanks for the report. It good to know that the versions of Cabbage built with older versions of Xcode still work Ok. The problem is I can no longer install those older versions of Xcode.

I got a raspberry pi 4 and I’m planing to code there, my question is, if you build a newer version of cabbage in linux and I code there, when I transfer my job to this older version of cabbage on my Mac it would work? as it work now with version 2.6.5?

its possible that by doing that we cheat apple?

No, because software compiled on Linux will not work on macOS.