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It should work but it does not?

once again opcoding is standing in the way of me having fun.
how i have no idea cuz it should work cuz i ripped this code from the basic synth example like the dirty being i am.

WaveLength.csd (4.2 KB)

It does work, kind of, if you set the cut-off and the attack correctly through the GUI. But you should probably set the lfo waveform to 5, i.e,

kLFO lfo 4, kLFOFreq, 5

and replace that 4 with a 1. Then make sure that you give each of your controls a default value that makes sense. It makes little sense to have the attack at 0, as it will prevent any note from playing. So you should modify the range of that slider as the very least. I usually set the minimum and default to 0.001.