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KlownWave - wavetable synth + FM + FX & more

Finally after months and months of work I can finally release the version 1.0 of the synth that I built together with the Kernelpanik Sound crew and BitNet01. I wanted to thank Rory for always answering my questions clearly and for creating Cabbage. This is KlownWave:

I managed to make the Installer for both macOS and Windows. And I can say that without having signed any binary on M1 it works perfectly by starting the DAW with Rosetta2 enabled (Tested in 2 differents M1 with Monterey)

On M1 despite all this graphics and animations consume on 2% … on my poor intel i5 with 8 gb of ram it eats 15% of cpu. Maybe if there are tips on how to reduce consumption it would be the top. For now I am satisfied

Here you can find the repository
Here you can find the installers with a donation form

there are still lots of things to do, like create lots of presets and write a minimal manual of how it works, in the meantime I’d be happy to hear your feedback!


  • 2 x Wavetable Oscillators with
    • 6 x Wavetable Set with 16 morphable waves each
  • 2 x Analog-like Oscillators (Saw-Ramp-Triangle)
  • 2 x FM module with morphable source (between different harmonics in sine waves)
  • 1 x White Noise
  • 1 x Filter module with envelope and types:
    • TB303-like lowpass filter with resonance
    • Moog-like lowpass filter with resonance
    • Steiner-Parker lowpass filter with resonance
    • Steiner-Parker highpass filter with resonance
    • Steiner-Parker bandpass filter with resonance
    • Sallen-Key lowpass filter with resonance
    • Sallen-Key highpass filter with resonance
  • 1 x Sub oscillator (1 octave down) with different waves (sine, triangle, saw, square)
  • 1 x Envelope with portamento
  • 1 x Modulation matrix with:
  • 8 x LFOs (sine, triangle, saw, ramp, square, random)
  • 9 x Destinations (Morph WT1, FM Mod 1, FM Index 1, Morph WT2, FM Mod 2, FM Index 2, Cutoff, Resonance, Emphasis)
  • 6 X Effects (Thanks to Ian McCurdy’s collection)
    • Distortion
    • Chorus
    • Flanger
    • Phaser
    • Delay
    • Reverb

Looks great! I wondered how fancy a GUI one could make with Cabbage, but apparently the sky’s the limit. :smiley:

I don’t know if it’s supposed to give sound on Linux, but I didn’t get any. However the GUI did appear. I got this error in Cabbage:

UnifiedCSD:  /home/bart/Desktop/linKlown/KlownWave-main.csd
Can't open #include'd file ./UDOs/MainOSC.udo

can't compile orchestra

Thanks so much!! I think more than the sky, I’d like to say the CPU is the limit haha.

in theory it should start without problems even in linux. Check that the UDOs folder is in the same folder as the csd, and that everything is correctly listed in the includes at the beginning of the csound code

487 #include "./UDOs/MainOSC.udo"    ;UDO Oscillatore
488 #include "./UDOs/fastLFO.udo"    ;UDO LFO
489 #include "./UDOs/Distortion.udo" ; UDO Distortion
490 #include "./UDOs/StChorus.udo" ;UDO Chorus
491 #include "./UDOs/Flanger.udo" ; UDO Flanger
492 #include "./UDOs/Phaser.udo" ; UDO Phaser
493 #include "./UDOs/Reverb.udo" ; UDO Reverb
494 #include "./UDOs/AnalogDelay.udo" ; UDO AnalogDelay

Let me know :wink:

This is what it says in KlownWave-main.csd:

#include "./UDOs/MainOSC.udo" ;UDO Oscillatore

#include "./UDOs/fastLFO.udo" ;UDO LFO

#include "./UDOs/Distortion.udo" ; UDO Distortion

#include "./UDOs/StChorus.udo" ;UDO Chorus

#include "./UDOs/Flanger.udo" ; UDO Flanger

#include "./UDOs/Phaser.udo" ; UDO Phaser

#include "./UDOs/Reverb.udo" ; UDO Reverb

#include "./UDOs/AnalogDelay.udo" ; UDO AnalogDelay

And such is the map structure:



Working with the following zip-file the KlownWave synth works including the sounds in the Windows version of Cabbage that I’m using on Linux Mint under Wine.

But no moving pictures appear in the two scoops of the GUI and the exported plugin doesn’t work in Carla.

I noticed strange behavior in plugins exported to windows. To get them to work I had to disable OpenGL on Cabbage, try changing line 61 of KlownWave.csd like this:

form caption("KlownWave") size(1300, 640), openGL(0), pluginId("Kv12") bundle("./GUI", "./KlownWave.snaps", "./UDOs", "./Waves") guiMode("queue")

I hope it works now, unfortunately I have never used carla and I haven’t got my hands on linux for a while

When you export the plugin, with “bundle” he exports all the folders he needs to the same paths, make sure they are in the same path as the exported vst

I changed the line in KlownWave.csd but then Cabbage crashed as I tried to export the plugin, so I had to restart my computer. What do you mean by exporting with “bundle”?

Anyway Wine for running Windows programs on Linux is far from perfect so I think it’s better for you to first focus on getting KlownWave to work without bugs for people with an official Windows (or Mac) operating system.