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Labels dropping out

Rory, I’m not sure how to present this issue because I am working on my tutorial for the bounding box stuff, and in an attempt to show how to use my code with ‘cabbageCreate’, I rewrote some things to eliminate my ‘creator’ code (I hope your following…).

So, I think I’ve translated the code correctly, but for some reason now the labels are not showing up in their default colors. I’ve used the same code with one modification elsewhere and it works, but now that I’ve added the ‘parent’ identifier, it doesn’t seem to work. I created a short video to demonstrate. I first run it using my code, then using cabbageCreate directly. (8.9 KB)

OK, on a whim, I tried to expand the width of the bounding box I gave to the label, and this is what happens…

The other code I said that worked, doesn’t explode in size like this, and the only difference between that and here is the ‘parent’ identifier being used.

Never mind. Just look the other way in my disgrace. I found my own problem!!! Have a nice Sunday!

At least I know now that I can do short videos of things…

Yeah, they speak a thousands words :rofl: Glad you got to the bottom of the problem.