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Latency() not working

I’m creating an effect plugin which uses pvswarp and introduces a consistent 35ms latency (measured by bouncing out some audio from the plugin in FL Studio). FL Studio reports 0.73ms latency, regardless of whether I use the latency() control or not. Not entirely sure if this matters, but the latency control is not highlighted in the editor. I’m running Cabbage 2.7.0. Sorry for wasting your time if this is a stupid question.

Have you enabled PDC in FL Studio? If not, then your instrument will all run with a ksmps latency and the latency() identifier won’t make any difference. Note that you rarely need to the latency() identifier. Once PDC is enabled things should be automatically synced up. Let me know if that works.

Nope. It thinks there’s only 0.73ms latency so that’s all the more it removes.

I just tested this here and it seems to work fine across all hosts? I’m not sure it makes any difference, but are you on Mac or Windows? You can see in the screenshot below, that I get 5.8ms of latency here, which matches what I have set with the latency() identifier?

Just tested again. It works now (Bitwig and FL Studio on Windows). My guess is that I messed something up when exporting and the plugin code didn’t actually update, but I’ll let you know if I have the same issue again.

Thanks, this issue does rear it’s head every now and then. So I’m happy to hear it still works :wink: