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Layering multiple Cabbage 'xypad' GUI's

Out of curiosity, is it possible to layer 4 identically sized xypad’s directly on top of one another to allow simultaneous control over their four different balls?


No, the top most widget will stop you from interacting with the one below it. But you could set the position of the balls in the underlying xypads using chnset. You could also use some buttons to determine which xypad needs to come to the front. What were you thinking of doing?

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No worries. As I expected. Not a big deal at all. I just was thinking of using 5 xypad’s, layered on top of one another to pan up to 5 sounds simultaneously within one virtual space (with eg. ‘vbap’) using the fingers of one hand (on Cabbage Android).

For the moment I am having success designing something a bit different by making my own custom xypad by working on info given in this thread: Chnset and xypad

Let me know if you hit any problems.